My experience with academic publishing stems from the publications I submitted as an author (see my research contributions), but finds its prime in my time as an editorial staffer for a graduate student-run academic journal.

Carte Italiane

Between 2013 and 2019, I served as blind reviewer and editor for the University of California, Los Angeles graduate bilingual journal of Italian studies Carte Italiane. My tasks included: providing feedback to the journal’s submissions, keeping a correspondence with authors, editing, and copy-editing. I worked on three volumes:


Carte Italiane Vol. 11
Carte Italiane, Volume 11

Between 2015 and 2017, I also served as Carte Italiane‘s Editor-in-Chief. I managed the publication of volume 11, La guerra e l’Italia: Italian Identities Through War, and coordinated a team of graduate students. Along with the Managing Editor Sarah S.V. Cantor, I supervised the cover design, submissions, the journal’s metadata, and final editing.

Working in publishing always allowed me to step into new shoes. I could see academic publications from a third and unusual perspective than the two I usually have (the critic and the writer). It was always very enriching. For this reason, I am constantly looking for new opportunities in academic and non-academic book publishing. Feel free to reach out!

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